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In a world where change is happening faster than ever, advertisers need a new generation of agencies...

More innovative, efficient and effective

Online communication takes place in many different forms, based on increasingly complex disciplines and models :

Vision, consulting, creativity: Avent Media provides operational responses to all of your questions and supports you in deploying your online communications strategy.

  • Avent Media is
  • 50 devoted employees
  • 10 years of interactive projects
  • 26 million euros
    in turnover
  • 5 centres of expertise
  • - How can I recruit new customers?
  • - What are the most profitable growth engines on my market?
  • - How can I increase the profitability of my investments in media?
  • - What role can the internet play in business strategy?
  • - How can I manage in-store traffic via the internet and mobiles?

Display / Ad Exchange

Digital strategy consulting, Media purchasing based on CPM, CPC and performance...

Illustration Display

The display refers to the Internet advertisement with the purchase of space and the use of graphical or visual elements (banners, boxes, skyscrapers, etc.).

Avent Media defines Media Planning and campaign objectives upstream of all advertising actions. These objectives are then used to determine the graphical creation works and the purchase of spaces on supports in accordance with the target and products. Whether involving brand awareness, traffic or customer acquisition, each campaign is fully tracked using our tracking tools from its initial display to the final click.

Mix Media to boost performance

Display visiteurs Display pages vues Display ADN


Database rental, Competitions, Lead Acquisition, Appending...

Quick and effective, e-mail marketing is one of the most commonly used means of informing, prospecting and gaining the loyalty of new customers.

Avent Media plays an active role in all stages of e-mail marketing campaigns.

Mailing BDD

Creating Brand Visibility/Awareness

  • Invite consumers to discover or re-discover your brand
  • Enhance your local communication activities
  • Create online brand awareness

Recruit a customer/potential new customer database

  • Create a Services and Products database for subsequent communications to initiate customer loyalty operationsn
  • Target audience profiling
  • Qualified database with possibility of targeting

Study and Analysis

  • Possibility of conducting a behavioural study of your target audience via a competition survey
  • Define your internet user typologies
  • List the information and key figures of your activity

Animate the website

  • Create added value for your website
  • Capture volatile traffic using the "Competition" banner integrated into your website
  • Generate traffic and active visits
Exemples mailing

Drive to Store

Transform your online audience into offline purchasers

The Drive to Store is a conversion funnel used to direct website visitors or app users to a physical store and convert them into customers. The purpose is to create qualified traffic in the store and generate purchases thanks to a previous positive online user experience.

Ecrans Drive to Store

Our Methodology

You are looking to qualify and recruit desktop and mobile customers present on the internet and encourage them to consume at the POS for specific events or promotions by using digital means of leverage (internet, mobile, social media).

Our teams accompany networks to optimise POS efficiency using digital devices. Our experience acquired during the guidance or tangible production phases on marketing and on functional and technical aspects, has enabled us to expand this white paper of teachings, convictions and areas for reflection.

Drive to Store cycle

Fan Page, Applications, Fan recruitment, Targeted E-ads...

Viral marketing is an advertising message through which the recipients of the offer or message will recommend it to close friends, colleagues or acquaintances. Furthermore, social networks provide significant leverage to help brands set up effective communication actions.

Avent Media assists you with the purchase of Facebook media to create a strategy designed to suit your objectives: brand awareness, efficiency, fan recruitment, lead generation, sales, etc...

Lead generation

By combining bid management rules, optimised CPM and optimised collection applications, we are able to generate thousands of leads in line with your objectives.

Sales generation

By combining bid management rules, optimised CPM, custom audience, page post link ads, domain sponsored stories and sponsored results, Facebook has become a real channel for generating sales and ROI. We support you to maximise your objectives: Generated turnover compared to media spendings, New customers acquired, etc...

Sales generation

By combining custom audience, lookalike audience, mobile app install and optimised CPM, we ensure the large-scale deployment of your mobile apps to project you into the App Store's top rankings.


Acquisition of downloads, traffic and leads, etc. From video view to in-store traffic

Creator of global, targeted solutions

We overcome the different issues faced by our customers via our consulting approach and our wide range of customised areas of expertise. We support our customers at each stage of the digital retail project, from strategy to technical implementation.

  • #1Traffic

    Generation of targeted, qualified traffic

  • #2Download

    Boost your app's ranking

  • #3Lead

    Recruit leads or qualified members

  • #4Drive to store

    Create traffic to your POS

  • #5Video

    Identify your audience and only pay per view of your video from beginning to end

Our Methodology

Mobile iPhone

From the organisation of your content to storyboards and graphic charters, all elements required are optimised for mobiles. It is important that quality is prioritised over quantity!

Design, creation and maintenance

From the organisation of your content to storyboards and graphic charters, all elements required are optimised for mobiles. It is important that quality is prioritised over quantity!

Design, creation and maintenance

Performance analysis per position and format. Return on investment analysis. Weekly reporting.

Mobile graph

Optimal access to all sources of traffic: in-App Display, RTB, Mobile Web Display, Social Reward, SMS Geolocation

Implementation of the mobile traffic acquisition plan

Drafting of recommendations for mobile SEO

Keyword analysis and recommendations for use with the different stores (App Store Optimisation)

Optimise and Boost your ROI

Reporting et suivi des performances
Optimisation en temps réel pour un budget maitrisé
Paiement à la performance

Mobile dashboard

Affiliation / performance marketing

Sales, Leads, Traffic

Affiliation has become essential to all online traders, however is not limited to the latter. The principle of affiliation is simple: creating synergies, developing and managing a network of partner websites paid based on performance factors. This partnership system has revealed itself to be an increasingly effective online tool showing instant profitability.

When drawing up its affiliation programmes, Avent Media boasts expertise on performance programmes in various sectors of activity (banking, insurance, dating, etc...).

Advertisers in all sectors

Affiliation secteurs

Varied methods of publication

Affiliation diffusion

We are aware of your high expectations. Our desire: to help you fulfil these expectations in the best way possible. We create real relationships with our advertisers, based on sharing our experience.

Permanent support!

Our teams are organised and trained to assist our advertisers. We use our experience to help you reach your objectives, while guaranteeing high reactivity and monitored quality levels.

An aggregator of hand-picked means of leverage

The diversity of our network of partners, selected according to strict KPIs and ROIs, guarantees you both volume and quality.

When we commit to handling a given problem with you, we do our very best to provide long-term assistance.

Design - Creative Studio

Talent, ideas and a certain sense of aesthetics

Specialised in the creation and reworking of e-commerce and online storefronts, Studio Créa meets the needs of businesses looking to begin, expand or renovate their online activities.

Design Ecrans

Efficiency, simplicity and creativity

  • Achieving your marketing objectives and the continuous improvement of success indicators (ratio of visitors / registrations, registrations / opt'ins, registrations / affiliates, pages viewed, e-mails sent, etc.).
  • A good design promises a qualitative and quantitative commitment (animation + media plan + transformation).
  • Quality and productivity are behind our efficiency.
  • For you: a turnkey service (design, production, tracking, etc.)
  • For the internet user: a fun, problem-free experience.
  • Creativity in the design and animation concepts to pleasantly surprise users, to stand apart from the "déjà-vu" and to attract new attention.
« Big successes are often born from simple ideas »


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